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Facts about Hoodia Cactus

Posted in Hoodia Cactus on April 28th, 2007

There at least twenty types of hoodia plants, but only the gordonii variety, with cactus-like spines, is succulent.

This hoodia plant has been used for centuries as a way of suppressing hunger and quenching thirst. But medical scientists believe that there’s more to hoodia gordonii – in fact, they believe that it can actually solve the world’s obesity problem. This has started the buzz on the weight-loss attributes of hoodia gordonii, perhaps as dietary supplement for weight loss.

Many testimonials from those who have taken hoodia diet pills have proven that the plant really works, suppressing the appetite, and it works wonders if you’re fasting. Testimonies by some hoodia users claim they have gone without eating for 56 hours but still didn’t feel hungry or thirsty. Powders made from the hoodia gordonii contain some fiber, organic material and antioxidants. One of the most important active substances is steroidal glycosides — molecules that make the brain think that the stomach is full, a feeling that similar to having just eaten.

Hoodia gordonii controls calorie intake, thus resulting in weight loss. Scientific studies have shown that hoodia can suppress appetite, which helps in weight loss. The results of clinical and laboratory experiments show that both human and animals automatically control their food intake after taking hoodia. Obese individuals who have experimented with hoodia have lowered their calorie intake significantly. Just think of the effect on people who only need to lose a pound every three days.

Various health problems have been linked to obesity, such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and insulin resistance. There are also diabetes-related cases affecting over 70 million Americans. The hoodia plant may actually help in controlling overeating and diabetes, as it has the ability to control appetite and promote weight loss.

There really is no questioning the effectiveness and the safeness of the hoodia plant – just ask the San Bushmen, who’ve been eating hoodia for the past couple of centuries. These plants have kept them alive during famines, and have help them to survive long hunting expeditions without eating any other food.