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How To Apply For A Factoring Loan

Posted in Factoring Loan on May 1st, 2007

Factoring is the process of securing money against outstanding accounts receivables for your company. Despite the idea out there that only businesses that are in financial trouble use factoring, it is actually a common practice for many businesses. From time to time, most every business, and especially small ones and start-ups, will find themselves short of cash while waiting for payment on a product or service already provided. What factoring does is allow you to have the money for payroll and overhead while you wait.

Factoring loans are not hard to get. In fact, most businesses qualify for factoring of up to 80% of the value on outstanding accounts payable receipts. Despite the ease of them to get, there is an application process involved when using factoring with your business. Knowing how to apply for a factoring loan can make the entire process go more smoothly for you when the time comes to get your factoring loan.

How it Begins

The first part of how to apply for a factoring loan depends upon what institution you use for the service. If you are using an online financial institution or at least the internet as a means to contact them, you will likely be filling out a simple online application. If you are working with an institution in person, then you will fill out paper work in person instead of electronically. Either way, though, you will fill out similar information about not only your company, but also you personally.

Business Part of Application

When looking at how to apply for a factoring loan, you can divide the process into three parts. The first of those parts is information about your business. To fill out your factoring loan application you will need, obviously, the name of your company. You will also need to give them the “DBA” if you have one, the physical address of your business, and all other contact information including email addresses, website, and even telephone and fax numbers.

From your business, you will also need to make sure you can supply your federal tax ID number and state of formation. What type of business you have in terms of what you do as well as whether your company is an LLC, corporation, partnership, or whatever else yours may be.

Personal Information

The next part of your factoring application will likely ask for personal information. Again, you will need to have contact information and address. They will also likely want to know what percentage of the company you own. Finally, for credit purposes, they will in almost every case ask for your social security number.

Customer Information

Finally, when learning how to apply for a factoring loan, you will need some client information. You will likely be asked to supply the names of at least a couple of your biggest customers whose receipts you will be factoring. Additionally, you may have to provide information about how much money’s worth of unpaid A/R you have.

Knowing how to apply for a factoring loan is important so that you can have information at the ready when the time comes. You will want to have information about your company, you personally, and your clients. With all of that in hand, you will be only a few hours or days away from the factoring loans you need to keep your business running efficiently.