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LCD Flat Panel TV Features Explained

Posted in LCD Flat Panel TV on May 3rd, 2007

In the battle to have the best television, it easy to get caught up in the hype. You hear about LCD flat panel TV’s and how great they are. However, have you ever taken the time to understand what the LCD flat panel TV features are? There are a number of factors that make these televisions highly sought after by TV junkies everywhere. Here, you will find LCD flat panel TV features explained.

In the past, plasma seemed to have cornered the market on the flat panel television. However, LCD’s are catching on fast with advances in the technology. For the most part, they are a better option of you want a slightly smaller screen size. However, even with less screen size, there are definitely advantages to having LCD over plasma in you flat panel TV.

Size May or May Not Matter

As a general rule, LCD Flat Panel TV Features include the size. The range on most LCD flat panes goes from around 15 inches up to about 45 inches. There are some on the market now that are bigger, but the quality is most apparent when you are under 45 inches. The fact is that they are not at a place where LCD flat panel televisions are small enough to replace your old tube television and large enough to compete head to head with flat plasma televisions.

Dual Use For Advantage

One of the great LCD flat panel TV features that put them ahead of plasma is their ability to work two ways. Most flat panel LCD screens are made to double as a computer monitor and work great with video games. With Plasma, though, there is danger of burn in when you try to use them as monitors or video game consoles.

No Fear of Burn In

When you look at LCD flat panel TV features, it should be noted that there is no danger of burn in with LCD. With plasma, a static picture can end up burning an image into your screen. As long as you watch TV’s or movies with your plasma television you are going to be okay. With an LCD, though, you can use it as a computer monitor or even for your video game systems.

No Space Taken

Finally, perhaps the best of the LCD flat panel TV features is that they can be mounted most anywhere. With the thin build and light weight, you can hang it on your wall or put it on a shelf. Unlike traditional tube televisions, your flat screen LCD will take up very little space and can blend into the room more seamlessly as opposed to becoming the focus of the room.

Understanding the LCD Flat Panel TV Features will help you to see why you may want to invest in one. As you search for the perfect entertainment system for your home, you can more aptly consider the LCD flat panel television once you are educated as to what makes them intriguing to people.