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A Look at the Top 5 Cheapest Domain Name Registrars

Posted in Domain Name Registrars on April 30th, 2007

There are a number of domain name registrars out there online. For something as simple and yet necessary as domain name registration, price is the main factor. So where can you find the best deal to get your domain name registered? Here are the top 5 cheapest domain name registrars.

There are a number of domain name registrars out there that can get you your name for under $4.00. What separates one from another is the support and extras you get with your price. With that in mind, the first of the top 5 cheapest domain name registrars out there is For the $3.95 you pay for one year of domain registration, this company also offers you a number of features. In addition to any suffix you need, you get a web-based services account to keep track of your domains, free email forwarding, catch-all email accounts, free sub-domains, parking page, and many other features that make this a definite top five cheap domain name registration company.

A second member of the top 5 cheapest domain name registrars is Despite the name, you will have to pay for your domain name registration, but at $3.99 per year, it is still a good price that comes in under $4.00. Additionally, they offer you a number of other features with your registration at no extra charge. Email forwarding, anti-spam, domain administration, and even some great web hosting deals are available. They also offer you most any domain suffix you could want and are qualified to receive.

Another of the top 5 cheapest domain name registrars you may want to consider is Their strength lies in the rates they give for bulk domain registration. You can receive a discount of more than 10% if you register a large number of domains at the same time. Additionally, if you use their other services, they will offer you domain registration for as little as $2.00. In some cases, you can actually get free registration from them. The key is to explore all of the deals available through the company and find the one that matches your company best. In fact, under the right circumstances, this may actually be the cheapest of the top 5 cheapest domain name registrars.

Though their initial cost may be a bit more, has a place in the top 5 cheapest domain name registrars for a simple reason: you get so much with your registration. Not only to you get the domain name you want for less than $8.00, but also you get a number of free extras that can really make the price a great value. With registration you will get a quick blog, website holder page, email, starter web page, forwarding, total control of DNS, a for sale page if you want it, and a number of other features that make this company worth a look for domain registration.

Finally, Yahoo definitely deserves a spot in the top 5 cheapest domain name registrars. Still coming in at under $10.00, the company offers a number of extras in addition to very good support. Their size and capital make them a solid choice when it comes to service. In addition to your domain, Yahoo will get you a starter web page, 24 hour customer services, complete domain control, and email forwarding in addition to a number of other standard features and available upgrades.

Avoiding the Dangers Associated with Internet Dating

Posted in Internet Dating on April 30th, 2007

Internet dating offers individuals, couples and groups an opportunity to meet online with the possibility of developing a romantic or sexual relationship. Most Internet dating services provide unmoderated matchmaking, allowing users to make their own connections via e-mail or telephone.

These services allow users to browse potential dates using criteria such as age, gender and location. Almost all internet dating sites allow their members to upload photos of themselves which can be viewed by other members. Some sites also offer podcasts, online chat and message boards. Most internet dating sites allow free registration as part of their trial service in order to attract new users. Afterward the trial period is up, a monthly fee is charged.

Many internet dating sites are broad-based, meaning their members are from a variety of backgrounds who are looking for different types of relationships. However, there are also some sites which are more specific, basing membership on more narrow criteria like common interests, location or relationship desired.

Online dating has both positive and negative aspects that people should be aware of before joining any internet dating service. Internet dating allows members to meet more people, users can easily browse other members profiles, members can communicate anonymously and with reduced fear of social awkwardness, geography is no problem since members can meet people from distant locations, most dating sites are either free or moderately priced, and members can chat with each other through e-mail or instant messaging before deciding wheter they want to pursue the relationship in real life.

There are, however, some negative aspects to Internet dating. Some members misrepresent themselves, lying about their marital status, age, gender, physical attributes or finances. On most sites, men outnumber women, so female members are bombarded with responses. most of whom are inappropriate choices. Some internet dating sites don’t remove expired profiles, and thereby falsely inflating the number of potential dates on their service. And, despite modern advances, the same dating problems that arise from basic human psychology and behavior still affect Internet dating.

How to avoid the danger of internet dating

There are some internet dating services that monitor the online behavior of their members, but only to a certain extent. There are also sites that provide second-party regulations in order to keep track of complaints, with moderators banning users who violate the rules of the online dating service

Likewise, online dating members should also take basic safety precautions, withholding their home address and phone numbers – as well as workplace or school information – until they’ve satisfied themselves that their potential date is trustworthy. Although it’s true that it’s safer to meet people online than in bars or other similar places, it’s still wise to be cautious, as not every person online is telling the truth about themselves.

Each user should remember that they control over the information they share with others. Moreover, they also need to use common sense, just like when dating in the real world – but the key to safety online is in limiting the amount of personal information divulged.

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Tips on Installing a Beaded Curtain

Posted in Beaded Curtain on April 30th, 2007

It’s hard to know exactly when it happened, but make no mistake about it – the 60’s and 70’s are definitely creeping back into style. Whether it is because the music of the time refuses to die (Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Bee Gees, etc.), or because current pop culture keeps reminding us (think Austin Powers, baby), it is definitely hip to be retro. Vintage T-shirts, hip huggers and lava lamps are just some of the items enjoying a renaissance of sorts. It may be time to add another accessory to that growing list of groovy comebacks. The beaded curtain is quickly becoming popular again, as people everywhere are adding this unique accessory to their home interiors. They are sure to liven up any room, and better yet, they are so easy to install. In this article, we’ll provide you with some easy tips on installing a beaded curtain.

First things first – what exactly is a beaded curtain? For those of you born after the time of free love and flower power, a beaded curtain is a curtain made from many strands of beads that extend down to the floor. These curtains are typically hung outside of a doorway, so that people can truly make an entrance. They usually feature a wide array of different colors, and can even be made to create a painted picture or design. Beaded curtains provide any room with a new look, and you might not believe how easy they are to install. In fact, putting up a beaded curtain should take you 5-10 minutes, tops.

The first thing you need to do in order to install a beaded curtain is to gather a few necessary supplies. You will obviously need the curtain, and in addition you will need a hammer, a pencil, and either two nails or two hooks. That’s it. Once you have selected the doorway from which to hang your beaded curtain, you are ready to go.

You have the option of hanging a beaded curtain either inside or outside of the door frame. However, it is recommended you choose to hang the curtain on the outside of the frame, just for the sake of convenience. Hold the curtain up above the door frame, and make sure that is level against the wall. Take your pencil and make two marks where your nails or hooks will go. This will ensure that you are hanging the beaded curtain evenly.

The next step is to hammer your nails or hooks into the wall above the door frame. Use the marks you have made with the pencil as your guide and you should have no problem. It is important that you make sure the nails or hooks are securely hammered into the wall. After this step is completed, simply hang your beaded curtain onto the nails or hooks and enjoy!

See, wasn’t that simple? These tips on installing a beaded curtain will truly turn this job into a breeze, giving you plenty of time to enjoy this wonderful blast from the past. Have fun!

Facts about Hoodia Cactus

Posted in Hoodia Cactus on April 28th, 2007

There at least twenty types of hoodia plants, but only the gordonii variety, with cactus-like spines, is succulent.

This hoodia plant has been used for centuries as a way of suppressing hunger and quenching thirst. But medical scientists believe that there’s more to hoodia gordonii – in fact, they believe that it can actually solve the world’s obesity problem. This has started the buzz on the weight-loss attributes of hoodia gordonii, perhaps as dietary supplement for weight loss.

Many testimonials from those who have taken hoodia diet pills have proven that the plant really works, suppressing the appetite, and it works wonders if you’re fasting. Testimonies by some hoodia users claim they have gone without eating for 56 hours but still didn’t feel hungry or thirsty. Powders made from the hoodia gordonii contain some fiber, organic material and antioxidants. One of the most important active substances is steroidal glycosides — molecules that make the brain think that the stomach is full, a feeling that similar to having just eaten.

Hoodia gordonii controls calorie intake, thus resulting in weight loss. Scientific studies have shown that hoodia can suppress appetite, which helps in weight loss. The results of clinical and laboratory experiments show that both human and animals automatically control their food intake after taking hoodia. Obese individuals who have experimented with hoodia have lowered their calorie intake significantly. Just think of the effect on people who only need to lose a pound every three days.

Various health problems have been linked to obesity, such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and insulin resistance. There are also diabetes-related cases affecting over 70 million Americans. The hoodia plant may actually help in controlling overeating and diabetes, as it has the ability to control appetite and promote weight loss.

There really is no questioning the effectiveness and the safeness of the hoodia plant – just ask the San Bushmen, who’ve been eating hoodia for the past couple of centuries. These plants have kept them alive during famines, and have help them to survive long hunting expeditions without eating any other food.

The Most Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry on April 28th, 2007

There are a lot of new, dramatically effective procedures in cosmetic dentistry. There are remarkable new products and technical procedures that have advanced recently to make dental services affordable and possible to more people than ever before. If you wish to have your teeth repaired, now you can have the treatment at an affordable cost.

At present, cosmetic dentistry is able to brighten, fill-in, shade, align and even replace teeth with the use of remarkable techniques and materials. When you have a healthy smile and attractive teeth, all the other benefits will follow. Improving your self-image encourages you to maintain good dental hygiene and at the same time improves your overall health.

There are so many dentistry procedures that are affordable. One is touch-ups. The yellow and brown stains and the white spots can be improved with touch-ups. The asymmetrical gum contours and uneven edges in your teeth can really make your smile look terrible. Simple corrective cosmetic dentistry procedures can change it dramatically.

The asymmetrical soft tissue contours can easily be corrected in just a single office visit. This requires minimal local anesthetic. Frequently, the symmetrical appearance of your gums can be as much as 50%of the total cosmetic value of your front teeth. This can be seen in the smiles of the young patients where their gums are displayed a lot when they are talking and smiling.

The super dark and super white spots can be reduced within one office visit as well. The acidic-micro-abrasion scrubs are affordable and helpful in clearing these problems. These unattractive spots can be safely removed with just one visit to your dentist using this technique, and the good thing is that it does not require the use of anesthesia.

The easiest way to a dazzling smile is through teeth whitening. This can be done at home or at a dental office with tray based bleaching products. If whitening is done in the office, it’s easier and more effective than doing it at home. Also important is the condition of the teeth and if the whitening used comes from a good brand name.

There are dentists who give their patients bleaching kits that they can take home. These kits usually work faster than the ones bought over the counter because they contain stronger amounts of whitening agents. Also the trays are custom fitted which helps to avoid gum irritation from excess whitener resting on the gums.

Cosmetic dentistry has dramatically changed the way teeth are improved. With the arrival of newer and more efficient treatments to whiten teeth, our smiles can now look (and feel) better than ever before. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are the best help in keeping up a great looking, healthy smile.

Sewing Machines Making a Comeback?

Posted in Sewing Machines on April 28th, 2007

While we don’t have to rely on sewing machines to satisfy our basic clothing needs, more and more people today turn to sewing to create unique, luxurious, one-of-a-kind pieces. Every family has that hand embroidered grandmother’s table cloth or a hand-made quilt, and these pieces are as cherished as the most sophisticated haute couture creations. And instead of paying hefty sums to someone for creating these little pieces of luxury for you, you can develop the easy skills of making your own monograms, embroideries or even hand-sewn button-holes – all the little luxuries that make the difference.

With the help of a reliable sewing machine, you can instantly personalize a lot of everyday necessities. For example, you can create a set of unique napkins or add a classy touch to your bed linen and bath towels with a monogram. And with a little practice you can even alter and mend your clothes.

When choosing your first sewing machine, make sure you understand how much sewing you plan to do. The honest answer will save you money and time, as you will not pick a too complex and upscale sewing machine for your basic sewing needs.

If you plan to study sewing and even recreate expensive designer clothes to save money, you will need a more upscale sewing machine. Sewing your own clothes makes sense only if your sewing skills are high enough to recreate high-end clothes, such as suits, jackets and dresses. You won’t save money on sewing your own jeans, because the pattern, fabric, buttons, and the time spent will make this pair of jeans more expensive than any of the designer creations. However, sewing children’s clothes does make sense, because you need little fabric, and you don’t really need complicated patterns.

A sewing machine is a great investment for those who have a passion for clothes design and like to wear one-of-a-kind pieces and don’t want to limit their clothing choices to what they see in department stores. With a sewing machine and a little patience you have full control on where the pockets go, what kind of buttons you use, and where the hemline stops. You should be aware that creating clothes from scratch or even amending the existing pattern requires sewing skills and a lot of time and devotion.

A more practical use for sewing machines is mending and altering the clothes you already have. We all have that special pair of trousers or jeans that we love and hate to throw them out. Sewing machines also work great for those who like personalizing item with monograms and embroideries.

Sewing for your home is quite labor-consuming; drapes and upholstery require lots of fabric and professional-grade equipment for precise sewing notions, such as rivets and hooks. Still, you can create simple drapes and even roman blinds on your basic sewing machine. Don’t forget about quilting that once fuelled the sewing machine craze. It seems like patchwork is coming back, and many fashion designers even use elements in their collections.

Sewing machines are indispensable for crafts, which are a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day. Studies have shown that sewing reduces stress! When sewing something, no matter for what purposes, people achieve something that gives them a lasting satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Besides, hand-made simple purses, gift bags for wine bottles, tablecloths and napkins make wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

And who knows, maybe after you discover the joys of sewing, you will decide to move forward and open a small sewing business to create and sew unique pieces of clothing. Many upscale boutiques and fashion fairs feature such mini-collections often sewn on simple household sewing machines.

Roman Shades Light Wise Window Solution

Posted in Roman Shades on April 28th, 2007

Fabric roman shades add a touch of refinement, flair and sophistication to any room. You can buy a ready-to-use set of Roman shades or you can create them from scratch in any fabric and size that you like. You can hang Roman shades flat for a more modern style, or fold them and create a softer and more conventional teardrop Roman shade style with buffs of any volume.

Roman shades are becoming a big home-decorating trend, returning on a wave of the interest to streamlined minimalist or exotic designs. Made with beautiful soft fabric, simple and very practical, Roman shades fold into well-defined pleats when raised, much like a classic Venetian blind. At the top, a matching fabric is used allowing for an array of color and pattern. For the lining, a solid pale color is commonly used.

Roman shades are incredibly flexible and light-efficient. They also offer better temperature control than other types of shades. In winter, you can draw them high to allow the sun’s natural heating rays to enter the room, and after the sunset you can close them tightly stopping the heat from escaping through the window. In the summer, you can close the Roman shades almost completely to prevent the overheating of the room, while in the evening you can open the shades to cool down the temperature. All other types of shades leave too much fabric around the window that doesn’t allow for precise light and temperature control.

Roman shades are relatively simple to make. Before you start picking the fabric you must measure your window and estimate which hardware and mountings you need. Roman shades don’t require any specific mountings – that’s the beauty of them. They draw up via a cord strung through the sides of the shade. The cords then travel through the pulleys mounted on mounting board above the window on or outside the window frame.

The fabric that you choose for your roman shades depends on where the window overlooks. If there is a beautiful scenic view you will most likely choose a plain sheer light fabric. If your window overlooks a busy street, then you will need an opaque fabric that gives you a sense of privacy. Plus, some people are prone to season affected disorders and need more light to remain positive and healthy. In this case, you may need a sheer fabric that doesn’t block the sun light, but rather diffuses it.

The type of fabric is also determined on what type of activities the room is used for. If it’s a living room with a TV, you may need a fabric that allows you to control the amount of light and glare on the screen. If you a planning to put your roman shades in the bedroom you will need a light-blocking dark fabric to help you sleep during the summer months when the sun rises early.

At the end of the day, all window treatments require maintenance and cleaning. The benefit of roman shades is that they are the easiest to keep clean – you can wash them in your washing machine, iron afterwards and re-hang them looking as good as new.

Window Blinds and Curtains Top Decorating Tips

Posted in Blinds and Curtains on April 28th, 2007

Many people consider window treatments as finishing touches to the room’s decor, and usually pay little or no attention to this interior detail. Sometimes when you start improving your blinds or curtains, the budget often runs low. However, window treatments should never be neglected, as they play an important part in emphasizing the individual character of the place.

In modern apartments, especially in lofts and penthouses with large windows, window treatments should be given a lot of attention, at the earliest possible design stage. Choosing the right color and style of window treatments will make the room not only welcoming and comfortable, but will also highlight its size and ambience, giving perspective to the place.

White is often a color of choice for many decorators, because it is really hard to go wrong with white. Timeless and versatile, white provides a unifying base for the most window designs. Remember, though, that there are different kinds of white, which a skilled decorator may mix in one room altering the feel from warm to cold to increase the impact from your window blinds or curtains.

Today home decorating makes a comeback from the minimalist era when whites and beiges were abound putting a long-time spell of pure minimalist designs. The most sought-after design of modern window treatments is fresh, minimal, translucent and light-colored, but today people seek window curtains and blinds that can give real character and individuality to the room.

Variety of paint shades and fabric textures allows blending blinds and curtains perfectly with the furniture to match the apartment’s light and mood. Venetian blinds are now available in a range of vintage-inspired muted colors or even in bright plain colors. With carefully placed color accents, you can avoid making the room too impersonal.

In terms of decor trends, curtains have gone in two opposite directions: they became either more “feminine” made of embroidered and patterned fabrics with rich draping; or minimal as Calvin Klein suit, made of natural fabrics in neutral tones. To add a personal touch, you may choose to place curtains on elaborate cast metal rings or find an antique details in flee markets.

When choosing the color of your window blinds or curtains, think about what light is your apartment getting from outside. The light in apartments changes throughout the day and through seasons as well. In a single apartment, when choosing window blinds or curtains, thought should be given to the orientation of rooms and the warmth of light that will enter them. Rooms that receive light early in the day, or not at all, usually need some warming up with color. Rooms that benefit from the afternoon or sunset sun will receive reddish light and therefore need less artificial warmth. The new finishes on blinds, such as brushed aluminum, produce a nice cool effect on windows that need cool light from the outside.

There are some optical tricks that have to be considered when you pick your window curtains or shades. Denser window treatments, such as Venetian blinds, curtains and vertically striped fabrics can improve the look of the room with low ceiling. Roman and Venetian blinds can create a warm relaxed atmosphere.

Expert decorators say that window treatment must receive the same attention and investment as any other piece of furniture, especially if your windows overlook a spectacular landscape. If the view from your window leaves little to imagination, you can improve the situation by decorating the window with forgiving blinds in carefully chosen colors.

Vitamin C and Acid Reflux Syndrome Reason for Moderation

Posted in Health & Fitness on April 27th, 2007

Vitamin C affects acid reflux in two different manners. One way is direct, and the other is in a very roundabout way. Many things that are well known for having vitamin C in them are trigger foods for acid flare-ups and the subsequent heartburn. These include many citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, pineapple, and lemons. They are highly acidic, and they also trigger the stomach to produce more acid. Vitamin C is vital for good health, but when the acid production is stimulated by these foods, you have to find alternatives, or you have to take a supplement.

Vitamin C is essential for many reasons. The most well known benefit of vitamin C is that it helps the body fight off colds. It is also a key part of collagen production. Collagen is an essential part of healthy skin, blood vessels, and joint tissues. It is also needed for repair. When you suffer a wound of any type, vitamin C races to the site to help heal. It is also important for the strength and growth of bones and teeth. However, many who find that citrus and vitamin C aggravates or stimulates stomach acid production will avoid the foods, and thus, problems start to appear.

When you notice that you are not getting enough vitamin C, you might be tempted to take a supplement. This is something you should discuss with your doctor before you begin. Though you can get some from supplements, they can cause problems. If you are taking too much, your body must work overtime to get rid of the excess. This can lead to liver damage over time. It might also contribute to joint pain in some people. If it is used excessively, it can produce softening of the bones. Also, these supplements can trigger excess acid production and irritation in the stomach in the very same ways that citrus fruits will. It is far safer to find your vitamin C in food sources that will not trigger your acid reflux.

There is some food sources for vitamin C that you can include in your diet to make up for what you are not getting from the more obvious sources. If you find that citrus does not bother you very much in regards to your acid reflux syndrome, then you can eat those and be done with it.

However, if it does bother you, as it does many others, you should try to have some of the following each day and even each meal. You can try papaya, strawberries, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, cantaloupe, and kiwi. Some may exacerbate symptoms but you may find you can get what you need from some of them. Tomatoes are a great source, but they tend to aggravate acid reflux.

If you are concerned about your vitamin C intake, you can talk to your doctor. Remember that a supplement might actually do more harm than good if you have acid reflux syndrome, and many doctors will not suggest taking vitamin C as a supplement. If your doctor recommends the supplement, taking them in small doses in the middle of meals might help reduce excess acid production. Keep track of what foods you are eating and how many supplements you might be taking. Remember that the body does not store vitamin C, so you should find out what your body needs each day, and make sure you are getting it from the foods that are easily tolerated by your system.

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Is Hypercalcemia The Cause Of Your Heartburn?

Posted in Health & Fitness on April 23rd, 2007

There are many different reasons why people develop heartburn or the condition known as acid reflux syndrome. The most common cause of heartburn is because the muscular valve that closes between the stomach and the esophagus does not close properly, and the acid can then move up in to the throat and mouth, leaving pain and damage along the way.

However, there may be a link to Hypercalcemia, and if you have this, you may find that this is the cause of heartburn, and might be part of the reason why already existing reflux acts up for you so much.

Hypercalcemia is basically an excess of calcium in the body or blood stream. Many think you should get as much calcium as you can, but there are times when the body retains too much, and there are problems that can result from this. It usually points to something else going on in the body.

Some of the symptoms of this condition are varied, but might include tiredness, mental fog or confusion, upset stomach (vomiting and nausea), increased need to urinate, some constipation, depression, and in some cases, muscle weakness, and renal stones. This can also produce an abnormal heart rate or rhythm.

This condition is usually the result of something else. It can happen as a symptom of hyperthyroidism. This is when the thyroid works too well and the body loses mass very rapidly. It might also be a side symptom that happens with cancer or Paget’s disease. This will be diagnosed with a blood test that gives an accurate calcium level, and an EKG might be needed to test for abnormal heart rhythms. Treatment tends to happen when the underlying condition is treated.

The problems with heartburn and Hypercalcemia seem to be two fold.

One problem is that calcium is an ingredient in many of the over-the-counter heartburn medications. This can lead a person with severe acid reflux symptoms to take in too much calcium each day. On the flip side, this condition can actually lead to increased acid production in many who have GERD already, or those who have never had a problem. In turn, a person might take more OTC medications, and the problem would then compound. This is why it is important to watch for symptoms and see a doctor if Hypercalcemia is suspected. It is important to note that the acid reflux medication alone will not cause this condition in most people, but rather, it might aggravate it in those who already have it for any of the known underlying causes.

A doctor will have to do the appropriate tests to find out why the Hypercalcemia is there, and the underlying medical condition must be addressed in order to get it under control.

If a person finds out that this is the cause of heartburn for them, they will need to seek treatment for the condition causing Hypercalcemia, and then must find something to take for GERD that does not have calcium in it. That might not clear up the problem, but that might stop some of the excess acid production associated with this. Once the underlying cause of the excess calcium can be found the acid production can go down, though that does not mean it won’t go away entirely.

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