Acidophilus vs Candida

Regardless if antibiotics or a person’s diet causes Candidiasis, the fact of the matter is that a Candida overgrowth needs to be treated.  Acidophilus supplements are often used to help clear up Candidiasis and related infections.  Acidophilus is “good bacteria” that is naturally found in the small intestine, and exists in certain notorious foods we ingest.  The gut requires a certain quantity of acidophilus in order to maintain good health.

Acidophilus maintains a balanced gut flora by keeping harmful bacteria under control. It assists in protein digestion, a process that inhibits pathogenic organisms with the natural antibiotic substances lactic acid, enzymes and hydrogen peroxide.  Acidophilus also produces B vitamins and has an antibacterial effect that can aid in the detoxification of harmful substances.

Research has found that Acidophilus offers the body many benefits including:
- Helps create a healthy intestinal environment
- Improves bowel function
- Destroys waste toxins within the intestine
- Helps sooth upset stomach and indigestion
- Acidophilus produces lactase that corrects lactose intolerance
- Controls bad breath
- Improves acne
- Reduces cholesterol
- Stops Candida overgrowth and prevents yeast infections.

Since many of us have poor diets, acidophilus supplements are often recommended for both children and adults to take.  However, there are different brands of acidophilus on the market, and not all products are alike.

Keep the following in mind when looking for the best acidophilus products:

- Freeze dried – This method improves the stability of the product
- Glass bottles that are nitrogen flushed – A nitrogen flushed bottle is absent of oxygen which is better for the acidophilus.  Furthermore, glass bottle are better than plastic as plastic can be porous.
- A guarantee of 1 – 2 billion CFU - Usually if the product has 1 – 2 billion CFU (Colony Forming Unit) it is considered good.  In fact, doctors generally recommend the average adult take 1-2 capsules of this product daily.  Products without guarantees cannot be trusted as they could contain higher CFU counts which usually mean they’ve combined acidophilus with other bacteria.
- Single bacterium – Many acidophilus products contain multiple bacteria.  The problem with taking products with more than one bacterium is the bacteria may not be compatible with one another or be acceptable to the body.  Thus, these products may not provide you any benefits.
- Take non-dairy acidophilus if you have a milk allergy
- Don’t trust false claims for marketing purposes – All you want is a product of acidophilus that can survive stomach acid, and stays and multiplies in the intestines.  It should produce hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid and natural antibiotics.
- Capsules or chewable tablets - Although acidophilus is also available in powder form, capsules and tablets are better because they are less likely to become contaminated and provide the same dosage each time.

What about yogurt and acidophilus milk?  Although most yogurts on the market contain “active bacterial cultures” in their ingredients, as does fortified milk with acidophilus, they are often not a significant source of acidophilus.  Furthermore, when yogurt is left to sit on shelves for days, it begins to produce acid that kills the bacteria.

When should acidophilus be administered?  It should be taken once daily, but should be taken more often by people with digestive disorders, when on antibiotics, or when curing a yeast infection (speak to your doctor about recommended dosage at these times).  It is best to take it in the morning, on an empty stomach, before meals.

What is the recommended dosage? For the average adult taking acidophilus products with 1 -2 billion CFU, 2 capsules or tablets are recommended per day.  The recommended dosage for children is determined by the age and body weight of a child.  Note.  It’s always best to speak to your doctor and carefully read all instructions before taking any acidophilus supplement.
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